Over 80 per cent of wastewater worldwide goes untreated.As part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the international community committed to halving the proportion of untreated wastewater and increasing its recycling and safe use globally by 2030.

Constructed wetlands can be decentralised wastewater treatment plants that are low-cost and low-maintenance. They improve water quality up to a level which is safe for use (e.g., for irrigation in agriculture) or for disposal to natural bodies of water. They provide biomass for the production of bioenergy. Moreover, they serve as a habitat for animals, or as a space for recreation and environmental education and research.

However, closing wastewater data gaps and involving all necessary stakeholders are critical! There is little knowledge about the number and performance of existing constructed wetlands worldwide and their contribution to wastewater treatment. Many regions, especially in developing countries, face data scarcity. Where available, the existing data is unevenly distributed.

That’s why researchers at LUH have created a central online platform for constructed wetlands worldwide called CWetlands – the Constructed Wetlands Knowledge Platform.

This demand-driven platform compiles data on constructed wetlands in two ways – firstly, the project team at LUH systematically consolidates and curates them according to user needs and secondly, users may provide their own data through an online submission mechanism. Making information available on such a platform will foster research, policy development, and financing, and empower civil society organisations and practitioners to implement constructed wetlands for achieving sustainable development.

CWetlands is:

• An open-source knowledge platform providing accessible curated data and information on constructed wetlands

• The world’s first standardised, searchable data collection and holding system on constructed wetlands worldwide

• A visual, user-friendly platform offering GIS-based interactive and thematic maps

With Cwetlands you can:

Ø Explore constructed wetlands sites around the world

CWetlands offers an interactive world map with detailed data on constructed wetland sites around the globe. Navigate through a site and discover information about its performance, design, and much more.

Ø View and download thematic maps

Explore thematic maps that show the global distribution of different types of constructed wetlands, the performance of these sites from around the world, and more.

Ø Search and download data

Search for data and meta-data on performance, design, and feasibility of construct wetlands projects. The standardised data collection and holding system allow users to easily access, aggregate, compare, and download data.

Ø Upload and share data

Supplement the curated data available on CWetlands with your own data! Submit to the platform via the online mechanism and expand the shared knowledge base.

Ø Access training materials

CWetlands offers information and access to a variety of independent training materials on constructed wetlands, such as manuals, information on available online courses , and teaching materials for primary school classrooms.

Ø Find international and local regulations and guidelines

In the CWetlands library, you can find guidelines and regulations on designing constructed wetlands and on the safe use of wastewater.

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In order to engage with the platform and explore the entire catalogue of maps in more detail, please sign up to the CWetlands platform or contact us. Please, do not forget to complete the contact information in your account profile.

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